THE AFFAIR, Starring TS Erika Schnider & Jak Dolce

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Gorgeous elite escort TS Erika Schnider has everything a city girl could want, wish for and much more; A successful job as a Gym Training Instructor with hundreds of clients and Escort admirers and a posh flat in London with all modern comms ALL PAID FOR by SAL, her cute bank manager boyfriend, who adores the earth she walks on! The only problem is TS Erika has grown fed up with SAL not being by her side constantly, as he slaves away doing long hours to sustain her HIGH maintenance costs. However lucky for TS Erika, she just met in the gym a hunk of man, JAK DOLCE and now wants the best of both worlds after seeing a massive bulge hiding 9 inches of cock heaven in his white underwear.

  • Hard Cock
  • POV
  • Guy Fucks Shemale
  • Blowjob / Deepthroat
  • Doggy Style
  • Cowgirl Style
  • Rimming / Ass Licking
  • Creampie
  • 69

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