Earn Up to £650 As A Transbunnies Partner

Trans escorts, content creators and influencers can work with us on a short term basis
to create and share content in return for money, co-promotion, gifts and advertising.

Which Type Of Partner Are You?

Trans Escorts Partner

Trans Escorts Partner

For Trans-escorts with a social media following of 20K across Twitter and/or Instagram.

Content Partner

Content Partner

For Trans pornstars and OnlyFans girls with a social media following of at least 50K across Twitter and/or Instagram.

Influencer Partner

Influencer Partner

For Trans fan pages with a social media following of at least 100K across Twitter and/or Instagram.

Why Join Transbunnies Partners?

Earn Cash

Partners can earn money ranging from £150 – £650 depending on requirements and criteria.

Grow Fanbase

Transbunnies will promote your social media pages to increase your followers and subscribers.

Get Goodies

We work with businesses that want their products promoted, so we will gift you products to keep and record content with.

FREE Advertising

We can offer FREE advertising banners on Transbunnies in return for content creation and sharing.

Raise Status

When you are associated with us, your new expousure raises your status, following and influence.

Direct To OnlyFans

We will direct our followers via all our channels to your OnlyFans and/or ManyVids pages to increase your subscribers.