Dob: 1996-05-15

Place of birth: LONDON, UK

Ethnicity: WHITE

Height: 5'11

Weight: 72kg

Hair colour: HAZEL



Penis size: 9 INCHES

British Born and Bred JAK DOLCE is a rising star in the UK & Far-East porn industry and has become a favourite with all TGirls visiting London; giving prolific US male performers a run for their money with his toned physique, charm and charisma. Always the centre of attention, you are bound to find JAK with two girls by his arms at the any trendy party going on in Kensington or Shoreditch. Christened “The Man with the Golden Gun” by Daniel Star for having great banter and fucking the living daylights of these Trans Bunnies pro-style, JAK loves to ram his huge 9” Golden Gun up their cute little asses and shoot 3 times consecutively without break!

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